Dr. Kalan collagen soap


Dr. Kalan collagen soap

This soap consists of collagen of fish, saffron, Ganoderma mushroom extract, ostrich oil, jojoba oil, organic oil, nigella sativa oil, organic olive oil, sesame oil, propolis honey bee, tea tree oil and aloevera oil, a wonderful soap for your skin’s health.

This superb soap, with natural ingredients, can adjust PH of your skin and provides a good environment for beneficial microbes and unsuitable environments for harmful microbes, adjusts the fat and moisture of your skin and it also eliminates free radicals on the skin and causes the formation of rash, freckle, scabies, and other skin problems caused by air pollution, the use of chemical health care products, and the like on the skin.

When you see acne and rash on your skin, it means the fat and moisture of your skin is high. one of the benefits of washing face with Dr. Kalan’s Collagen Soap, is to remove extra fat and help skin to peel off and by doing this, you will lose the acne and inflammation caused by it and also by removing the skin’s fats, it prevents pores closure by air pollution.

This soap is also effective for the treatment of scabies. when the microscopic creatures accumulated under the skin, the scabies formed and causes sensation, itching and inflammation. the effective ingredients of this soap, removing those creatures, cure scabies.

There is another skin disease called seborrheic dermatitis. the disease spreads across all parts of the skin. it is caused by the growth of a type of ringworm on the face that causes more skin fat, inflammation, redness, and scales the skin. Dr. Kalan collagen soap, removes ringworm causes of this disease and cures seborrheic dermatitis.

Rosacea is also a kind of skin disease that Dr. kalan collagen Soap has effect on its elimination. this disease causes rash, redness of the areas of the cheek, forehead, chin, scalp, ears and neck. if needed treatment not be done for eliminating these redness, the disease will intensify, as Dr. Kalan collagen soap is a major remedy for this problem.

This soap, if combined with collagen cream, collagen and detox plus potion, will also have tremendous therapeutic effects on psoriasis disease.

If you want a juicy, youthful and fresh skin, do not miss this wonderful product.

How to use:

Wet the face, apply soap to the whole face in a circular form about 4-5 minutes and massage, then rinse.

For better results, we recommend to use once a day and once before bedtime.

Dr. Kalan collagen soap






PH skin adjuster;

Anti-seborrheic dermatitis;

Helping to treat psoriasis;


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