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We build business with ideas. Integration is the key. As a progressive, forward thinking company, we create seamless, consistent, Alternative lifestyle F&B products with high quality health conscious ingredients.
Kalan Research was founded in 1996 with the primary objective on research and development of Natural alternative products. An extensive research for the period of last 20 years has developed more than 30 books, 300 articles in fields of psychology, nutrition, educational sciences and natural remedies (Naturopathy); Dr. Kalan Exclusive natural products comes by Dr.Kalan brand such as Dr. Kalan 8in1 herbal coffee, Dr. Kalan Pro Organic olive & sesame oil, Dr.Kalan Natural Honey and Dr. Kalan Happy Drink are some of the examples of which were facilitated by those studies. The long clinical research has proven that many psychological disorders and illnesses are driven from nutritional deficiency and many of which could be managed by accommodating those needs through natural products.


Dr. Kalan Natural Products Status

1-Dr.kalan 8in 1 coffee

The strongest antidepressant in the world،Anti-fibromyalgia, Anti migraine،Sexual desire amplifier and…….


‏2-Dr.kalan collagen Potion

Strong antioxidant،

Anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle;


‏3-Dr.Kalan collagen cream (anti-aging)

anti wrinkle،Young Maker;


‏4-Dr.kalan collagen soap

setting P.H Skin, Cleaning deep layers of the skin،Strengthening the beneficial microbes of the skin،Antimicrobials harmful to the skin;


‏5-Dr.kalan memory plus

Anti alzheimer،Provider of brain needs،Increased blood flow to the brain;


‏6-Dr.kalan capila plus

Natural strong  multivitamin and multimineral;


‏7-Dr.kalan capila

Natural multivitamin and multimineral;


‏8-Dr.Kalan capila 2 plus

Boosting Sexual desire Men and women;

‏9-Dr.Kalan Anti plus

Natural antibiotic ;


‏10-Dr.kalan Detox plus

Detox and ceiling abdomen and Intestines،Intercellular layers،Vessels،liver and……..


‏11-Dr.Kalan Healthy plus

Cleaner and detox  Internal organs of the body;


‏12-Dr.kalan Diabetes support 

Supports diabetes for treatment;


‏13-Dr.Kalan Bone health 

Natural and absorbable Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D 3;


‏14-Dr.kalan osteo health

Helps to treat arthritis and rheumatism;


‏15-Dr.Kalan Heart health 

Helps to treat cardiac arrest،Heartburn therapy;


‏15-Dr.Kalan ear health

Help to hearing loss;

‏16-Dr.kalan sinusits health

Sinusitis treatment;


‏17-Dr.kalan honey polen

combination organic honey and organic polan For general reinforcement;


‏18-Dr.kalan Bee propolis Potion

Natural Antibiotic ;


‏19-Dr.kalan Royal jelly

Natural multivitamin and mineral;


‏20-Dr.kalan Bee propolis extract(liquid )

‏،Natural antibiotic, Strong fever;


‏21-Dr.kalan anti pain cream

Suitable for reducing muscle aches and cramps;

‏22-Dr.kalan Anti Acne cream

Removing the acne and repair site;


‏23-Dr.kalan Rest oil

Rest  and relaxation massage oil;

‏24-Dr.Kalan sport support 

Natural muscle maker for bodybuilding;

‏25-Dr.kalan sex support 

The volume and reproduction of the penis

‏26-Dr.kalan collagen shampoo

Avoid hair loss and hair removal;


‏27-Dr.kalan breakfast potion

Provides daily body needs;


‏28-Dr.kalan Volume enhancer

Men’s male penis enlargement oil;


‏29-Dr.kalan slimming potions 

Slimming and fat burning potion؛


‏30 Dr.kalan happy drink

Anti-depressant (cold drink)

‏31-Dr.kalan Tobacco(Recreation and relaxation for the lungs)


‏32-Dr.Kalan sliming cream

Removal of abdominal fat and fat under the skin


33-Dr.Kalan hair health

Helps to grow and strengthen the hair


34-Dr.kalan skin health

Strengthen and nourish the skin



‏35-Dr.kalan Digestive health

Anti Stomach ulcer,Anti-ulcer bowel،Anti-bloating of the stomach


36-Dr.kalan sliming tea

Fat burner, body cleaner،Increasing Metabolism


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