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Dr. Kalan Collagen Cream

This cream is made from the miraculous ingredients of fish collagen, vitamin C, ostrich oil, nigella sativa oil, propolis, coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, organosilicon, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, aloevera oil, aloevera extract, Hyaluronic acid, royal jelly and saffron, are very responsive to many skin problems.

Collagen is an important ingredient in the production of fresh and young skin cells, which makes the skin smooth and firm. as the age rises, our body produces less of this material. also, air pollution, excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarette, consumption of chemical drugs, sudden weight loss, etc., also cause the skin to not produce the required amount of collagen, thus it being loosed, using a cream containing cream regularly, you can help your skin build collagen, but you need to know that the effects of collagen creams sometimes take weeks to months and then you will see the result. So massage the collagen cream regularly on your skin so that you can see the result over time.

In the dermis (below the outer layer of the skin), collagen is the basis of connective tissue that supports the skin structure and is essential for skin rejuvenation, but as the age rises, production in the body decreases, which is why enzymes reduce collagen by breaking down of it and causes the skin to thin and lose the sense of firm and cause wrinkles.

The body constantly creates new collagen to repair what is damaged. But since the age of 35, collagen production will be naturally reduced, and collagen quality is not as good as in previous years, and the use of Dr. Kalan soap and collagen cream, is a great help to have the skin with the least amount of damage.

We need to know that human skin during the night is more likely to produce fresh cells. at night, before bed, it is best to use Dr. Kalan collagen cream, after facial wash with Dr. Kalan collagen soap, because the skin is dry as much as it gets wrinkles. at night, dead cells give their place to new cells, and the use of Dr. Kalan collagen cream, gives you a sense of freshness and vitality, and prevents you from falling, wrinkling.

It is advisable if you have exposure to the sun during the day. After using Dr. Kalan collagen cream, use Dr. Kalan skin Health oil to keep your skin in the sunlight, and acts like sunscreen.



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