Drkalan Collagen potion



Dr. Kalan Collagen Potion


This mixture is made from fish collagen, royal gel, pollen, saffron, cordyceps mushroom extract, ganoderma fungus extract, cuma cuma fruit extract, ginger extract, turmeric extract, pueraria mirifica plant extract and organic honey, with extraordinary and miraculous effects in the body.

This potion is a very powerful antioxidant, multi-vitamin and multi-mineral that in addition to the skin beauty and rejuvenation, it has immune system enhancer, anticancer, anti-osteoporosis, anti-arthritis, anti-rheumatism, anti-depressant, anti-amnesia, anti-hair loss, nail strengthening, vaginal tightening, styling & firming breast & hip, increasing women’s sexual desire,anti-obesity, anti-acne, anti skin sagging, anti dark circle under eye, thyroid function regulator and hundreds of other properties.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and forms about one third of the protein in the human body. collagen is one of the main blocks of the bone maker, skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Also, collagen is found in many other parts of the human body, including blood vessels, corneas and teeth.

Collagen can be considered as a glue that holds all of the above mentioned above together. in fact, the word collagen is taken from the Greek word “kólla” which means glue.

As age grows, collagen production in the body becomes difficult and needs to be transmitted from the outside.

Dr. Kalan collagen potion is combined from miraculous extracts, plants and materials that creates and institutionalizes youthfulness and cheerfulness in your body and this youth and joy in addition to the sense within the body and mind, after several time of use, you will also see its effect on your face and body skin.



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