o acids, your cat will be healthy and strong and will be able to enjoy a long disease-free life. The benefits of Dr. Kalan's multivitamin and multimineral for cats are: it provides all the deficiencies that a cat hasn’t  been able to get from eating a food and causes the cat's immune system to rise and become resistant to diseases, fungi and infections, and to survive. The reason why cats may need a complete vitamin is that many cat foods which are available, don’t use high-quality ingredients therefor cats body isn’t able to provide its needs . also keeping these foods in grocery stores for weeks or longer means that the amount of vitamins and nutrients that are normally found in food is reducing meaning that there is a need for the animals to use multivitamins and multiminerals. Cats have specific enzymes and amino acids that are only available in meat sources. Because of this, cats that can not eat meat will not stay healthy. Therefore, we have added only the minerals and vitamins needed by the cat's body, increasing the quality of cow bovine gelatin, fish collagen and other essential amino acids to provide the many amino acids that the cat's body needs.