ogs and strengthening their white blood cells, helps to eliminate digestive and respiratory problems in sensitive dogs. Antioxidants, natural extracts with high content of zinc, magnesium, natural vitamin E and vitamin C help to strengthen the immune system in animals. Vitamin C is usually produced in animals, but in conditions of weak immune system. Under stress, this substance is not produced enough in the animal's body. This substance is necessary to maintain the function of leukocytes and reduce the destructive effects of stress on the body. The choline in this supplement improves liver function and is very effective in eliminating toxins. Propolis containing in this product strengthens the immune system of the animal and is excellent in eliminating toxins and infections.   Barley yeast contains a large amount of B vitamins and amino acids. It is a combination of several minerals and vitamins (natural enzymes, glutathione) that have a positive effect on the immune system. The yeast in this pill also has receptors on white blood cells, thus directly stimulating the immune system.   B vitamins, especially biotin, collagen and gelatin in high concentrations maintain joint health, skin quality, coverage and claws. It is also used for dry and cracked toes. These vitamins and amino acids, along with their zinc content, support pigmentation in the skin and play an important role in skin and skin problems such as dermatitis and gallbladder. .   This supplement helps boost the safety of puppies when they are weak. One of the major causes of postpartum lactation and respiratory infections in young dogs is poor immunity.    For older dogs, newly weaned puppies, dogs that are recovering, and dogs with hard working and high activity conditions are very suitable.       How to use : It is very easy to give the exact dose of Dr. Kalan ankimo. For every 10 kg of dog body weight, one tablet should be given to the dog daily.    Dr. Kalan Ankimo is a completely natural product and even human consumption is safe.